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By R.J. Palacio

The story is about a ten-years-old boy who was born with some type of birth defects, specifically he has a defect in his face caused by an autosomal recessive mutation. Her name is August and he consider himself an ordinary person who can do ordinary things like play ball and eat an ice cream, but people don't think this way.They think he isn't an ordinary person because of his defects. 

He's never been to a real school before because of all the surgeries he's suffered since he was born and  consequently his mother has been his homeschool. But the moment when he has to go to highschool comes and August won't find the new situation easy, so he must fight for his classmates see him as an ordinary person like them.  

This is a beautiful and tender history told by a young boy who has had a difficult life because of his physical aspect and he must fought everyday against the society and sometimes he has fought against himself as well.

At first, he has troubles finding good friends at school because his schoolmates see him like something strange and they aren't used to seeing him, but finally he gets that people see him like a ordinary boy.
I love this story and of course I recommend it to all. If you are an English student then this is a good book to learn.

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  1. ¡Hola! Acabo de encontrar por casualidad tu blog buscando cosas sobre el libro 'Cuando yo tenía cinco años me maté'. Muchas de las cosas que estoy viendo en tu blog me parecen interesantes y coincidimos en gustos en muchas ocasiones. Me quedo por aquí, a ver si podemos leernos.

  2. ¡Hola! Me alegro de que te guste mi blog y sobretodo de que compartamos gustos. Si quieres me puedes recomendar algún libro ; )

    Gracias por comentar en mi blog!


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